Business Compliance

Business Compliance
  • Preliminary Risk Assessment and examination of the opportunity of 231/01 Model adoption;
  • Design of an Organization and Control Model relating to estimates provided for in Decree 231/01, with the predisposition of the ethical code, drafting of prevention protocols and definition of the sanctions system required;
  • Carrying out of inspection activity belonging to the Supervisory Body;
  • Assistance and external support to the Supervisory Body during the Model implementation and monitoring;
  • Activities of internal staff training related to organizational, operational and disclosure issues;
  • Activities of external training on relevant issues of the rule and on the opportunities for the businesses arising from the adoption of the model;
  • Evaluation of the efficiency of a 231 Model already adopted and/or an update in connection with new types of crime introduced in the decree 231 or significant business alterations (for example acquisitions of business areas or organizational changes).